New Year Performance by Mohri Suzuki

Mohri Suzuki


“萬事如意” – Banjinyoi

The first two characters are read ‘banji‘ which literally means ‘all’ or ‘every’. The last two characters are read ‘nyoi‘ which literally means ‘your wish’ or ‘ your goals’ . Therefore this word is saying May you find peace year after year, or may all your hopes be fulfilled. It is often used for New Years. The Tokyo Skytree celebrates the fifth anniversary this May, and the calligraphy by Mohri Suzuki also has been the fifth time to be performed here; We would like all of you here to join our memorable day today, and wishing you all a happy new year.



ばんじ いのごとし、と読みます。 上の2文字「萬事」は全てのこと、下の2文字「如意」は心のままに。 全ての人、全てのことが心のままに進みますように、という願いが込められています。 東京スカイツリーは今年5月には早5周年を迎え、この書道パフォーマンスも開業と共に始まり今回で5回目の開催となります。新たな一年を祝して書家鈴木猛利からこの言葉を贈ります。