Kayou Kitakomi

Born in Kochi Prefecture, she is a former independent scrivener of “Dokuritsu Shojindan Foundation (Independent Sho Artists). Three years of independent calligraphy university. She is active in various fields through calligraphy. At the Kochi Municipal Ryōma’s Birthplace Memorial Museum”, illustrations by the late Yutaka Murakami, who has won many awards such as the Kodansha Sashie Award, and calligraphy by Kitakomi introduce the episode from the birth of Ryoma until he left Tosa Domain. “Japanese art” that is also handled in the galleries of “Hotel Okura” and “Imperial Hotel” is popular worldwide.


1994 World Calligraphy Art Exhibition Artists’ Memorial (Tokyo, Arts Theater), Art Kite Exhibition (Canada) (Australia) 1997 – Ino Paper Museum (Kochi) 5 times since then, Hoshigaoka Art Village (Kochi) Solo Exhibition, ten times until ’20, Contemporary Artist’s Eye Exhibition (Okayama), Walsh Gallery (Chicago), Dance Lab Performance Stage Art Ink (Kochi), Mal Waldon Jazz, Lantern Equipment (Chikurinji, Kochi), TAKARA Gallery Solo Exhibition (Houston) 3 times, YOSAKOI Festival Costume calligraphy (Kochi) 1999 Solo exhibition organized by Japan Turkish Friendship Association (Turkey) Hauswittönstein Bulgarian Cultural Center Solo Exhibition (Austria), Art collaboration with poetry and ink, Alange Farois, Yoshimasu Gozo (Chikurinjii, Kochi) 2001 Japan and the British Cultural Festival organized by the Agency for Cultural Affairs (Queen Elizabeth Hall, UK). Japan Opera Stage Lantern Device: Ochi Natural Forest Museum Solo Exhibition (Kochi) 2003 Organized by the Japanese-French Cultural Center, Koi no Streamer World Children’s Day (Parbizon, Paris), The World Kite Exhibition (Marseille) supported by Consulate General of Japan, Solo Exhibition in the South of France (Nimes, Marseille, Montpellier, Huzes) continued until ’14 2007 Ink on the wall in collaboration with Ana Solar at the MACUF Museum of Contemporary Art (La Corna, Spain) 2009 Tradition and Present, Taiko Player Okura Shonosuke Stage Collaboration (Kochi) 2010 Calligraphy collaboration with Vasene Koslov at the National Gallery of Ethiopia, Lectures, and workshops on calligraphy and culture during school visits (Ethiopia, Japan Foundation grant) 2017 WAKEKKO Exhibition (Kochi) Outdoor work collaboration with 5 French artists 2020 Hoshigaoka Art Village Solo Exhibition (Kochi) 2020-2022 Noritake no Mori Gallery Solo Exhibition (Nagoya)’20 “Always the Beginning” Exhibition: ’21 “The Tale of Genji” Exhibition: ’22 “Bokkyo” Exhibition