Calligraphy Wall Art by Mohri Suzuki

Mohri Suzuki

Turn calligraphy that represents Zen philosophy into indoor decor, without the frame and directly on the wall. I’ve heard that many New Yorkers change wallpaper based on the mood and season. Also, Fend-shui teaching has been popular.

I would like my calligraphy to blend with the busy and fast-paced lifestyle of New York, and through the essence of Zen achieve peace and elegance. By painting on the wall directly, I believe the spirit and the beauty of “here and now” will stay in the atmosphere of your place. It will be one time challenge.

Hope to share this experience and the way I concentrate with you. Looking forward to sharing this experience with you.


壁に字を書くという事は、その字が生活の一部になるということ。いつでもそこにあって、毎日見るもの。そこに住んでいる人たちがその字を見て、心豊かになれるようなものを造っていきたい。ニューヨーカーは壁紙を部屋の雰囲気や季節によって、よく変えると聞きます。風水もFeng shuiと呼ばれ大変人気のようです。



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