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From traditional Japanese crafts to pop art

fici art japan is an online store featuring the works of artists who have been selected by the Nippon Club Gallery in New York and opened their solo exhibitions in the Big Apple. Here is the archive of the exhibition :

Providing secure and convenient access to unique works of art. Items are shipped directly from the artists in Japan.

Current Exhibition

Kayo Kitakomi

Born in Kochi Prefecture, she is a former independent scrivener of “Dokuritsu Shojindan Foundation (Independent Sho Artists). Three years of independent calligraphy university. She is active in various fields through calligraphy.

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Previous Exhibition

Satoshi Tobara

Satoshi Dobara was born in Hiroshima, Japan, in 1959. He studied painting at the Art University of Kyoto, and in 1983/84, he was a resident professor at the same university. In 1986 he won a scholarship from the Italian government to study in Italy, and he came to Florence, where he still resides. Since 2002 also produced sculptures and terracotta made with the collaboration of the Master Mario Mariani of Impruneta (Florence).

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Past Exhibition

Hirotake Yamakita

Born in Shizuoka City, Hirotake Yamakita grew up beholding Mt. Fuji in its various magnificence in each turn of the season. He started full-scale landscape photography with a single-lens reflex camera, as he inherited the relic of his grandfather whose hobby was watercolor painting. Since then, he has been devoting himself to Mt. Fuji in his hometown of Shizuoka and has continued to photograph Mt. Fuji.

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Past Exhibition

Collaborative Exhibition:

Japanese Calligrapher Mohri Suzuki and Illustrator Shogo Seike

Two artist friends who work on very different forms of art have collaborated to create a new kind of artwork. We are proud to introduce their collaborative works of calligraphy and animal illustration as well as some of their independent works.

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Past Exhibition

Yoshiro Shimizu

Yoshiro Shimizu is a Nihonga (Japanese painting) artist who has won numerous awards. Without being bound by the frame of Nihonga, he pursues the possibilities with free ideas and creates new expressions.

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Past Exhibitions

Susumu Notomi

A prestigious prize-winning ceramic artist from Japan, Mr. Notomi creates renowned blue-colored ceramics from the ‘Hagi’ area of the Yamaguchi Prefecture in western Japan.

Hagi-yaki is a traditional Japanese pottery. Susumu Notomi of Yamaguchi prefecture creates Hagi-yaki that is characterized by its distinctively delicate and deep blue, which is reminiscent of the blue sky, the ocean, or outer space. Notomi creates Ao-Hagi (Blue Hagi-yaki) by mixing soil with glaze, and by altering the balance he brings about rich gradation from deep indigo blue to pale blue like the white waves of the sea.

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